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To philanthropists

Information for philanthropists

Why is charity important?

In today’s conditions, charity is a very necessary and important component, because philanthropists are one of the most powerful tools to help NGOs solve socially important problems that the state can not cope with. Every philanthropist invests in the future he wants to see. Charity is an indicator of the degree of development of society and the country as a whole.

Why is charity so necessary today?

Charity is an opportunity to join the change-making processes, feel your belonging to the civil society and create changes in your environment, community, city, country, world.

Charity gives a chance for a normal life to those who have practically lost hope. It is also important to understand that sooner or later everyone may need help. It is very important for a person to give and give. It’s even more enjoyable than receiving and using.

How can you help?

Financial donations

If you want to help financially, you can choose a specific project you want to support, or make a donation to the organization, using these links

Support the project

targeted donations for specific projects

One-time donation

to ensure the activities of the organization

Monthly donation

automatic payment for charity

Donation for details

file with details of our accounts
What donations do we accept?

How else can you help?

We accept donations both in cash and in kind.
You can give us any things, products, goods, etc., if they are of the proper type and quality, and we will form appropriate kits and distribute to wards under existing programs

Food and food

all products must have complete factory packaging and a valid expiration date

Hygienic accessories

mandatory presence of undamaged packaging and valid expiration date

Household and household goods

new products, or those that were already in use, but retained the proper appearance and quality and properties

Clothes and shoes for adults and children

new clothes and shoes with tags, or washed, neat, undamaged things without traces of wearing

Children's books and toys

new toys and books, or those that were in use, but retained the integrity, completeness and neat appearance

Backpacks and stationery

only new briefcases, backpacks and school bags, new, packaged stationery, creative goods
Stay tuned

Popular questions

If you do not find the answer to your question in the list – you can always call us

Charitable organization "Ukrainian Charitable Alliance" exists through charitable donations, charitable contributions, donations and other contributions of caring individuals, legal entities, provided in cash and in kind.

You can transfer the donation to the organization's IBAN account, make a donation on the website (one-time or set up a monthly payment), or make a donation in kind

We regularly report on all our projects, these reports should be seen on the organization's website

You can also follow our activities on the pages of social networks Facebook and Instagram

Of course! Any help is important, charity is not just about monetary donations. You can make donations in kind, or join the organization's volunteer team and help us with your skills and knowledge.

We can make a donation agreement, noting that the donation is in kind and the act of acceptance-transfer to it. For legal entities, we may prepare additional letters and other documents, according to which you can write off.

According to the law, charitable organizations can use up to 20% of all donations for administrative costs, but only if such donations are not targeted (specific ward, specific project, etc.) - in this case, the entire donation is used according to purpose.

The fact is that the commission of the payment gateway is 2.75%, so we receive 2.75% less on the account.

For earmarked fees, we either cover this difference with the organization's reserve funds or continue the collection until the negative state of the collection becomes positive.

You fill in the bank card data only once, then on the same day each month the selected amount will be automatically deducted

And in order to cancel the monthly payment - you can do it yourself in the personal account of LiqPay, or just write to us