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Master class in the volunteer center



Today, December 10, on the International Human Rights Day, a number of events were held at the Volunteer Center with the participation of students @khneu @interrelandj
Honored Journalist of Ukraine and public figure Volodymyr Chystylin conducted a master class “Interviews for Beginner Journalists” for students.
Also today was a screening of the exclusive film “New”. This film was chosen because for the first time in many years, the Nobel Peace Prize “For Brave Struggle for Freedom of Speech” was awarded to journalists – Dmitry Muratov and his Philippine counterpart Maria Ressa.

Mr. Volodymyr presented the film and told about his experience in the independent media. So our students immersed themselves in information and fully felt the atmosphere of professionalism and the importance of the profession of a journalist.

We wish first-year students to become professionals in their field, burn with their work and achieve the Olympus of Journalism💫💙

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