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What is volunteering?

Volunteering is voluntary assistance in solving, mitigating or preventing socially important problems. Anyone can take the initiative to join the volunteer movement.

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Можливості для волонтерів

Кожен, хто приходить до організації із відкритим серцем та бажанням змінювати світ на краще знайде заняття по душі, а ми зі свого боку гарантуємо повну і всебічну підтримку

Situational volunteering in projects

take part in the activities of the organization at any convenient time

Membership in the UBA volunteer center

responsible and systematic work for positive changes in society

Кожен волонтер - член нашої благодійної родини, тому "один за всіх і всі за одного"


Для кожного волонтера ми надаємо персональні рекомендації для школи, ВНЗ чи місця роботи

Dream Team

У нашій команді багато людей з різними інтересами, але усі ми об'єднані однією метою - робити добрі справи!

Корисна інформація

Можливо, ці матеріали допоможуть вам глибше зануритися в тему волонтерства та вікрити для себе нові можливості та форми благодійної роботи

Just about volunteering

For those who do not yet know what it is

How can you become a volunteer?

For those who do not know where to start

What does volunteering give a person?

Buns, bonuses and prospects
Everything you wanted to know about volunteering

Популярні запитання

We have collected some of the most popular questions that will explain in more detail the features of volunteer work

No, volunteering differs from the usual work in that this activity is not paid for, you do it at your own request and to improve the situation in society / nature / ecology, events and so on.

travel expenses in Ukraine and abroad, travel expenses (including luggage transportation) to the place of volunteering may be reimbursed;

Volunteers can be citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons who are in Ukraine on legal grounds that are capable. Persons aged 14 to 18 volunteer with the consent of parents (adoptive parents), foster parents, foster parents or guardians.

The Law "On Volunteering and Volunteer Activity" guarantees the inclusion of the time of volunteering in the training and production practice in the case of its passage in the direction corresponding to the received specialty, with the consent of the educational institution;

Volunteers provide volunteer assistance on the basis of an organization or institution that attracts volunteers to its activities, on the basis of an agreement on volunteering activities concluded with such an organization or institution, or without such an agreement . - That is, no, not necessarily.

Reimbursement to the volunteer of expenses is not the income of the volunteer and is not the basis for taxation of personal income tax and the single social contribution