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For NGOs

The importance of cooperation

We join forces for the future

The joint activities of civil society institutions imply that several non-profit structures form a mutually beneficial relationship that allows each organization to achieve more than they could achieve alone. By coming together for joint activities, NGOs create an effective pool of resources for the implementation of joint programs and projects, such as:

What do we offer?

Areas of cooperation

these are just some of the areas we offer for our cooperation, but you can always suggest your own, using the feedback forms

Methodological support for non-governmental organizations

resource and methodological center for non-governmental organizations

Organization of collaboration and partnership

joint charitable projects, programs, events and initiatives
Обмін досвідом

обмін ідеями та дієвим інструментарієм для впровадження соціальних змін


проведення заходів спрямованих на підвищення спроможності інститутів громадянського суспільства


з метою підвищення компетентнісного рівня працівників інститутів громадянського суспільства

Everything you wanted to know about collaboration

Popular questions

We have collected some of the most popular questions that will explain in more detail the features of building our cooperation

We sign a Memorandum of Cooperation with each organization, which defines the rights and obligations of the parties on a case-by-case basis.

Only those that are not for profit - public organizations, charities, religious organizations, etc.

No, the organization does not cooperate with political parties and individuals who, when interacting with the organization, position themselves as politicians

You can contact us by phone or e-mail with a detailed statement of your question - our specialists will provide answers

Yes, we provide our base for the activities of other organizations, if this activity will have a positive effect on society and benefit other NGOs

The organization holds a competition of mini-grants for young NGOs, if it is included in the annual long-term plan of the organization